5 Prompt Friday!

October 3, 2008 at 9:47 am

I’m back! What a rush!  I finished a humorous essay for an on-line magazine just in time! Deadlines are my BFF.  Trying setting deadlines for yourself, it will keep you motivated.

Here are your writing prompts for the weekend:

  1. Switch up the ending of your favorite book. If it ended happily, turn it tragic. If it ended sad, make the heroes get what they were after. Keep asking the question: “what if?”
  2. Imagine your main character is invisible. What benefits would he/she have? What problems? Write about it!
  3. Write from the point of view of an inanimate object (a tree, a basketball, a toilet!) What would this “character” say? What would be it’s biggest complaint or joy? Have fun with this one!
  4. Start keeping a journal of your dreams. Not dreams “I wish I was a famous rock star.” Dreams you have when you sleep! Take some images from those and create a wild story.
  5. Make 4 lists on 4 separate sheets of paper: list#1: write as many jobs (or occupations) as you can think of: athlete, teacher, writer, actor, doctor, plumber, etc. list #2: write as many action verbs as you can come up with: running, playing, singing, eating, giggling, washing, etc. (use the dictionary if you need more!) list #3: write down as many emotions as you can think of: sad, jealous, happy, excited,scared, angry, etc. (your dream journal may have more) list #4: write down settings for stories: an alley, an attic, a forest, snowy field, school gym, etc.  NOW: highlight one word from each list without thinking about the connection. Put them in a story.


Have fun with these ideas. Please feel free to share more with us! I love to read what you can come up with and the stories that are born from these prompts. Share! Share! Share!


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