Thesaurus Thursday..

October 16, 2008 at 2:22 pm

Say that 10 times fast!

You know, as writers, it is our job to express our ideas, stories, feelings and images in clear words that our readers can understand and relate to.  But, that definitely does not mean boring words.

A Thesaurus should always be with you while you write (or go here if you’re on-line.) There is also an option if you’re typing in Word. Highlight the word you’d like to change. Go to “tools”, “language” and select “thesaurus.” Bingo! You have numerous options.

Thesauruses are useful in that you can find a better noun, a sharper verb or a fresher, more descriptive adjective or adverb.

This is a magical book which transforms ordinary words into unique ones, making your writing not only clear but beautiful. Now, don’t you want your words to feel pretty? : )

Here’s an example:

We sat on the pier that overlooked the lake which was greenish and a little blue.

(Good? Nah, let’s make it BETTER!)

We lounged on the rickety wooden pier which overlooked the lake glistening like emeralds under the full bright moon.

You try! Post some before and afters – or post some befores and someone else can suggest an “after!”


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