5 Prompt Friday!

February 6, 2009 at 4:03 am

More phrases, words and prompts to fill your mind and your notebook!


  1. Mix together your favorite TV show characters with your favorite cartoon characters and see what happens: Carly from iCarly has to do a webshow with Edd from Ed, Edd and Eddie
  2. What does “financial crisis” mean to you? Write an essay or short story on how the nation’s bank closings could affect kids your age.
  3. Try something new and write about it! (a new sport, new video game, reading a book on an unfamiliar topic, tasting a new food, trying a new craft, cooking dinner for the family.)
  4. I know you’re already browsing around YOUtube, so why not pick a silly video and write what you think happens next.
  5. Even if you don’t follow astrology, this will be fun! Look up your best friend’s horoscope in the paper, magazine or online for today. Now, make it come to life by writing about it: “You will be visited by a long-lost relative” could turn into a story about a swindling “rich” uncle who takes your buddy on a road trip…

What prompts can you share with us?  What stories were born from one of these ideas? Share them here!!


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