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Call for Editors!


Have you ever wondered what a day-in-the-life of an editor would be like?

Now’s your chance!  By becoming a member of Capitol City Young Writers, you have the opportunity to apply for one of the editor positions of our new literary journal. 

A literary journal brings together the finest writings of a specific group or organization, in a number of different styles and genres. Journals tend to focus on central themes, with a variety of expressions that describe, illustrate or portray that theme. They represent the sharpest writing and thinking related to particular subjects or themes, while allowing plenty of space for the voices and perspectives of individual contributors.


Senior members (ages 12-18) of Capitol City Young Writers will have the opportunity, each year, to apply for one of the editor positions listed below. Young editors will have the opportunity to learn how to run a literary journal, develop the skills that are necessary to act as an editor and learn how to work as a team on a collaborative project.  For those editors who are active writers, the process of reviewing submissions and determining which stories are publishable will provide invaluable insight and experience into the art and craft of writing.  Learning what doesn’t work is just as important as discovering what does work.  The creation of the youth run literary journal allows the overseeing staff the opportunity to actively show the importance of editing and revision to its members.  We will allow youth editors the opportunity to reconsider a story after revisions are made.   


Students will meet and work through a variety of methods through the use of technology and the internet.  Geographical location will not make a difference to those applying. 

Regular training meetings will take place to mentor the youth editors through the process monthly, and at times, weekly as the final stages of the journal near. 


These positions require time, dedication and the desire to read. Read more details on the positions available, how to apply and a sample outline of the work involved before submitting an application:

Capitol City Young Writers Literary Journal

Applications due by May 1, 2009


March 24, 2009 at 8:34 am

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