Wacky Wednesday

July 14, 2009 at 10:19 am

Writing gives us the freedom to explore words and their meanings, but also to use words in an unconventional way.

Today, I’d like you to use descriptive words in a WaCkY way. Here are some examples:

  • Her breath was like lightning. (Could mean it was hot or “stinky;” or it could be literal and every time she breathed streaks of lightning shot out of her mouth.)
  • Blinda put on her crispiest dress for the party. (Could mean her dress was a fresh and crisp new fashion, or that it literally was “crispy” like dried leaves that would disintegrate in the wind.)
  • Teagan felt carbonatedas he visualized the outcome of today’s big race. (Could mean he was pumped and energized, or that he literally had bubbles percolating under the skin which would help his speed.)
  • Your turn: select a descriptive word and use it in a sentence in a wacky way…see where it leads you. TIP:  look on food or beverage labels for unique words that can be used in wacky ways!

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