More Prompts Monday

July 20, 2009 at 12:04 am

Since your usual writing prompts didn’t make it to the post on Friday, I thought I’d make it up by posting several more writing prompts today…Enjoy!

  1. Momentum: write about an object or character that is gaining momentum. What will that mean for the story?
  2. Pick a happy color, say lime green like a tree frog, and juxtapose (meaning: to place side by side) that color with a tragic scene
  3. Write about characters that travel with the weather: tornado riders or hail storm surfers, etc
  4. Write about an obsession that has gone too far, but make it unique. Not a classic stalker/jealousy obsession, but maybe a character that has severe OCD with cleanliness and how that affects her and her world.
  5. Go through your parents’ CD collection, now select a random track and listen to the lyrics. Make up a story from there.
  6. Have you ever flipped through a baby name book? There are so many character name options, including their origin and meanings. Good stuff there, my friends. Use your research to create a new character true to his name.
  7. What do you find challenging? A new level on Mario Cart? Maybe perfecting your volleyball serve? Is it a challenge to invite new kids to hang with your usual group of buddies? Write about one of your challenges and let your character figure out how to succeed.

Share some of your promtps with us! Or just stop by to chat about anything writing-related.


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